Costs of Climate Change




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Amber Allen

Lindsey Ross


The American Security Project publishes telling reports regarding the economic costs of inaction on climate change for each state in the U.S.

WASHINGTON D.C., April 2011 – On April 19, 2011, the American Security Project will release a series of 50 reports which analyze and project possible economic losses on a state-by-state basis as a result of unmitigated climate change.  The project, “Pay Now, Pay Later” (PNPL), draws attention to the costs of inaction for each state if the U.S. fails to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   

The PNPL reports present the costly, negative effects on our communities, our industries, and our jobs, and show that climate change will take a toll on our economy, security, competitiveness, and public health.

In the Great Lakes region, 30% of the workforce is projected to be at risk, as the Great Lakes’ system connectivity is disrupted. In the Northwest, by the 2040s, higher temperatures are expected to decrease snowpack in the Cascade Mountains by up to 40%, leading to water shortages and droughts. Energy costs in the Southeast will—in a business-as-usual scenario—rise by over $59 billion by 2100 as a result of increasing temperatures. These are just few examples. Climate change will affect every state in the U.S.; it will cost American jobs and billions of dollars.  

To find out how much climate change will cost you, please visit on April 19th.  Visitors can click on an interactive map of the U.S. to access a comprehensive report on each individual state.